Your Community Fiber Partner

We are here to BUILD fiber internet, not study whether your community needs it or not. 


We are actively seeking communities to expand our fiber internet services

Surf is on a fast track to build fiber networks throughout the Midwest, and we are looking for community leaders who can help us make it happen.  We want to partner with community leaders who can:

  • Announce our arrival to the community
  • Foster relationships with community stakeholders
  • Streamline our permitting process
  • Coordinate our construction process with other projects

Our projects are financed via private investment, and we do not ask for local tax-supported subsidies.

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Community Spotlight:  La Porte, Indiana

La Porte Mayor Tom Dermody said that if there is anything he has learned over the past year, it is the importance of internet access. To keep up with the times and prepare for the future, Surf Broadband Solutions is beginning its first major phase of installing fiber throughout La Porte.  Read More.

Community Spotlight:  Elkhart, IN

Our Process

We Build It...and We Move Quickly

Highly Developed Roll-Out Strategies

Surf is a company with over 20 years of telecom construction, and we have to expertise to successfully complete any sized project

Residential & Commercial Services

We build next-generation services for the entire community- from individual homes to entire industrial parks

Bringing Serious Resources to the Table

We have the engineering, support and construction resources to build the network and get members of the community connected quickly

Job Creation

As our network footprint grows we establish additional local offices, stafffed with local professionals, to operate and support our system

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Become a Gig City

Fiber is the future of internet connectivity

Internet access has quickly transformed from amenity to a necessity.  Quality-of-life, business competitiveness, college readiness, next generation manufacturing, connected health, digital city initiatives and more require fiber infrastructure.

Put your community on a competitive stance by partnering with Surf Broadband to make your community a Gig City

Start the Conversation

Opens meeting link to our Community Liaison's calendar

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About Surf

We are a growing fiber optic internet provider with service extending across Michigan, Indiana and Illinois

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Why Fiber

This short video presentation explains the explosion in bandwidth needs for today's (and tomorrow's) internet users

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